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Apple releases first iOS 16.4 beta – here’s what’s coming up – The Apple Post


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Apple has started beta testing iOS 16.4 ahead of its official release in spring, introducing several new features to iPhone including new emoji such as a shaking face, pink heart, donkey, moose, and others, support for web push notifications, allowing websites to send Safari push notifications to iPhone and iPad users, and more.
iOS 16.4 will add 31 new emojis to iPhone, comprising of one new smiley face, three new colored heart emojis, and two new hand gestures, each with support for different skin tones.
The update will allow websites to send Safari push notifications to iPhone and iPad users, regardless of if they have an app on the App Store or not. It will mean businesses that don’t have apps would be able to share updates with customers easily through third-party push notification services.
Apple is making several updates for Apple Podcasts coming with iOS 16.4, including a new Channels menu, Up Next queue updates, enhancements to the way episodes are presented across Apple Podcasts, improvements to the Apple Podcasts experience in CarPlay, and more.
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iOS 16.4 reintroduces the HomeKit architecture update that was pulled from iOS 16.2 due to bugs following its launch, 5G support for users in Turkey, a new Apple Music profile button, and more.

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