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Are you spending all your time on Instagram to figure out who unfollowed you? Or perhaps, those food reels are keeping you there. Whatever the reason, Meta-owned Instagram has become the social networking hub worldwide. Over 120 million Americans were actively using Instagram as of January 2022 and the U.S. became a leading market for the photo-sharing app, according to Statista.
Like Twitter, Instagram uses the concept of followers to connect with other users. However, users can unfollow just as easily as they can follow, with just a tap of the finger. And people are left wondering who exactly unfollowed them.
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According to Business Insider, there are three ways to check who unfollowed you on Instagram. The first two ways involve knowing the name of the account who could’ve unfollowed you and manually searching for them.
By checking your Followers list:
By checking the Following list of another user:
The other option would be using third-party apps to learn who unfollowed you. But the apps only track your account stats such as unfollows after you have downloaded them and signed in with your Instagram account.
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According to Teen Vogue, many third-party apps that helped track Instagram users’ activity stopped working due to “major changes” to the app’s platform in 2018. However, the following apps were in business as of the summer of 2022 to analyze the inner workings of your Instagram account.
To track your unfollows using FollowMeter:
Similar instructions can be followed for using Followers Tracker Pro, which is only available for iOS devices, and Follow Cop, which is only available for Android. 
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