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How to sell something on eBay: A beginner's step-by-step guide – USA TODAY


The clutter in your garage could make you some extra cash. The internet offers a vast selection of online resale marketplaces, but few have pioneered digital commerce like eBay, which uses an auction model that allows prospective buyers to bid for your item. The colorful brand has endured since the 1990s, making it a popular choice for sellers and buyers around the globe. 
Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to sell something on eBay. Note: You’ll need to first create an account. 
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First, make an eBay account and sign in. Then, click on “sell” in the top right corner
Click on “list an item” 
If you’re selling a product that is fairly common, eBay allows you to search for your item and select a pre-filled listing. Here, we’re listing AirPods.
eBay will ask you to select the condition of the item. 
On the next page, edit and add any details to the listing, including a title and a description. Here, you can add photos of your item or use a stock photo provided by eBay. 
Then, set your price. If you plan to sell only via a bid, you can choose eBay’s recommended start price or choose your own. You can also set a “Buy it now” price that allows customers to purchase your item immediately. 
Enter your item’s dimensions and select shipping options. You can also arrange for local pickup for nearby customers. 
Hit “List it” when you’re ready to list. You can also preview your listing. 
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