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How to unblock someone on Facebook on any device – USA TODAY


Healing is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? In the 21st century, part of that healing process can mean finally un-erasing someone from your digital world and permitting the possibility of the occasional run-in on your Facebook timeline. Who knows, you might even want to consider sending them a friend request. Heck, they might even send you a friend request. 
Here is how to take that first step. Here is how to unblock someone on Facebook using any device, according to Facebook.
We should note that once you unblock someone, Facebook won’t allow you to block them again for a few days. 
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Facebook has a couple mobile browser versions 
Here is how to unblock someone on the “classic” mobile browser
The same steps apply to the “updated” mobile browser experience except you will find “Blocking” under the “Privacy” tab instead of an “Audience & Visibility” tab in step two.


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